Friday, March 2, 2012


                PART 2: IMAGES OF FINLAND


Spring is in the air, no? Soon.

This is the time of year I dive into planning for the summer and my next trip home. It's been a couple of months since the last big wave of longing for the “Old Country” -Christmas gets me every time- and I imagine myself there while I wait for real-life plans to take effect.

My thoughts wander to summertime in the countryside. I'm riding my bike down the lane. My mind's eye shows me a dilapidated barn with its gray, crooked boards, some missing. Pieces of thatch are strewn about the roof's brown-green moss. A view of wavy golden wheat opens behind the barn.

Shift the eye and take in a sea of buttercups, visited by butterflies whose wings blend in.

Across the road lies a pristine lake and birch trees reflect their white bark and green foliage into the still water. On the side rests a dock, with boards the gray of the barn, the lake lapping against its legs. A wooden bucket sits on the edge, with fresh cuttings from the birches.

By the road stands a red milk platform, its trim offering a contrast of white. A silvery milk can smiles at the flowers brought from the meadow.

I peddle into the woods and the lane changes into a pine needle path. I step down to walk. On the ground dark greens and purplish blues hint of blueberry season. Cool boulders with their fern-covered hips invite to rest. My heart yearns for childhood games played in these miniature “rain forests”.

I walk my bike back to the road and hop on. Birches make their claim in the midst of pine and fir, lining the front of a yellow house.
Someone has rowed out and I can see the oars creasing the lake's surface from here. Fluffs of white clouds create whimsy on the water. Glorious summertime!

                                     Happy March, happy spring,
                                                       and the hope of summer! :)

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  1. Oh, I miss Finland. I've only had the pleasure of visiting once (and it was in the dead of winter), but it still made quite an impression. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures!