Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                 Part One: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Growing up, I was fascinated with Sweden's Royal Family. I felt like King Carl-Gustav III and his gorgeous wife Silvia were my personal King and Queen. I watched their children Victoria, Carl-Philip, and Madeleine grow up in the protective royal circles, hoping that their lives would turn out wonderfully in the midst of the pressures that come with being born into royalty.

                                                       Queen Silvia postage stamp

The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe. The family home is outside of the city in Drottningholm. Official receptions are held in the Palace Apartments, which are open to the public when they're not in use for official business.
The Royal Guard watches over the Palace and has been doing it since 1523! The palace as we know it was completed in 1754, with some of the oldest remaining interiors dating from the 1690s.
(I'm on a photo organizing spree and hope to find my pictures of the Royal Palace and the guards! If i do, I'll share them with you. )

   My favorite part of Stockholm is Gamla Stan (Old Town) 

                          these buildings along the narrow streets kind of remind me of Italy

                                                                        lots of fun tourist shops

                                                            where you can show your silly side

the church looming in the background is Riddarholmen church,
  which was completed around 1300 and is the burial place for Swedish royalty

                                                  I love taking a walking tour in Stockholm

                                                  and I can't wait to go back and take nice pictures
                                                                               (these shots taken with a disposable camera) 


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