Tuesday, March 13, 2012

With all this wanderlust I'm always talking about, I wanted to make clear that I do now and always have loved where I live -wherever it has been. 
So here's a small part of our new house story.

It ends up being a picture fest - I hope you have fun on the tour!

First there was the skeleton -and if you've ever designed a house you know it's no small thing to get to this point in the process!

We had lots of help and

                        the construction was finished in a nice time frame 

                                                  I was so excited to move in!
                                                                    And I was sad, too.
I wanted to turn back time to have all the kiddies move in with us -and stay moved in for a good while. It seemed they were thinning out too quickly, leaving empty bedrooms and a void in my life. Thankfully, our youngest is still living with us at the time of this writing...

When my sister and brother-in-law came to visit, their gift was a Guest Book illustrated by the beloved Finnish children's author Mauri Kunnas.


They wished us happy moments and
fun times with friends in the shelter
of our home.

We quickly realized we weren't alone.
The book is already filling up, as we've enjoyed visits from friends and family the world over!

                 This is the way from the kitchen to the guest room-
                                             (this is me playing with my camera settings)

              We bought this daybed from Ikea.
             It opens up to fit two people and has storage drawers.

     The bedspread was a wedding present crocheted by my 
     Mom's cousin and the pillow covers are 
                               from Pentik and Kate Renvall Designs (me!)

My kitchen has bottled peaches

and my friend brought me this vintage oatmeal can

We literally bumped into this kitchen light when shopping for something else  -and I totally love it!

I have my books and magazines

     and this pretty candle my friend gave me from Lapland
    makes me happy

          My bike on the ledge reminds me of summer

We like goofy art around here
     -like this Odd Art by Ben that greets us in the hall


         The living room gets a splash of color from 
         this Tuscan theme 

   and these prints of Venice hang over the couch

        I smile every time I pass this photo of my Mom and Aunt

       and when my childhood teddy 
      gets a playmate (my grand-daughter)

               So we're filling up the house with love and  laughter

as we make more memories

I can't wait to take you on a tour of the outside when the weather gets pretty!


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