Friday, March 30, 2012

APRIL is at the door and spring has sprung.

On my walk in town I spotted daffodils in full bloom outside an office building.

I've been growing my Easter grass and enjoying that perfect spring green it brings into our home. My grass means hope and new growth and sunshiny days. (Yep, it's uneven after I trimmed it once and now I'm letting the blades grow as they please.)

As for growing things outdoors, I may be jumping ahead a couple of months. Planting season in these parts isn't here just yet, but I have noticed my neighbors prepping their fields by clearing and burning the old and making way for the new.

One of my favorite springtime memories is from Virginia a number of years back, when my Mom was visiting and she and I were excitedly preparing to plant a backyard garden. Her thumb is a lot greener than mine and I was glad to have her help in getting some vegetables started.
My little boy wanted in on the action. He sprang into the house and a minute later sprang back outside. He scraped and dug a bit and then we heard him exclaim, "Look at my garden!"
Turning around, we saw he was giving the finishing pats to his planting -and he already had a crop of CARROT! 

Are you getting ready for yard work? What's your favorite springtime/garden story?

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