Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's day


                                  INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 
                                 Let's celebrate together!  

Some of you are finishing up your day as I start mine. 
We may live apart by geographic standards, but, unified by womanhood, many of our challenges and joys are similar.

I am linked to women across the globe by ideals, values, and love.

My most treasured of women 
                    mother       grandmothers       sisters
                  daughters      daughter-in-law
       grand-daughters    aunt     cousin
                                choice friends

            have loved me, taught me, and given me 
                                                               freedom to be who I am

Women I know are banding together to banish violence and poverty.
They are working to bring education to less-developed parts of the world.
They are teaching their children to give back.
They are sharing their talents
and loving the “hard-to-love”
and managing a smile in the ravages of disease. 
They are mixing adventure into the mundane
and caring for their aging parents
and singing to a child
and keeping families connected.
They are my heroes and I treasure them.

Who are the treasured women in your life?

How do you celebrate International Women's day?

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