Wednesday, February 1, 2012


All of January I was letting my goals and dreams for 2012
brew in the back of my mind. I looked at a few life goal lists others had put together and found that many of them were similar to mine.

Here are  some goals I was drawn to:
(I'm listing them with permission and checking off ones that I've done. My life has never been mundane!)
  • Learn a new language (check)
  • Learn to play an instrument (check; and now onto another)
  • Cross-country road trip (check)
  • Swim with dolphins (I really want to do this, though the thought makes me nervous!)
  • Visit a planetarium (check)
  • Walk in the rain (check)
  • Kiss in the rain (check; and refresh!)
  • Plant a tree (check; thanks Anna and Mia!)
  • Go to a drive-in movie (check)
  • Skinny dip (check, um I was young)
  • Sleep on sundried sheets (check)
  • Finger paint (check)
  • Fish (check)
  • Over-tip the waiter (check)
  • See a rodeo (check)
  • Get a professional massage (check; and ongoing please!)
  • Go to London (because the airport doesn't count)
  • See the Eiffel Tower (check)
  • Get dessert as an appetizer 
  • Send random postcards (check)
  • See the Grand Canyon (check)
  • Learn to fence
  • Pan for gold (check)
  • Learn to skip rocks (check)
  • Go out on the town in a little black dress
  • Learn to tie three knots (scouting/boating) (check)
  • Kiss on both cheeks (check; again, please!)
  • Camp out at a movie theater (didn't pull an all-nighter but several hours, so check)
  • Learn pottery
  • Enter a contest (check)
  • Live as a minority (check)
  • Put flowers on the grave of a stranger
  • Play Bingo (check)
  • See the Nutcracker ballet (check)
  • Play Spin the Bottle (check)
  • Attend a wedding of someone with different traditions from mine 
  • Own a kooky umbrella

 What amazing things have you done in your life already? 

I saw a movie (New Year's Eve) where a middle-aged lady makes a resolution list and recruits Paul, the bike messenger who delivers to her work place, to help her accomplish it all before the end of the day (because it's New Year's Eve). Paul gets creative.

(Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie and want to see it!)

Her list (in no particular order):            Paul's adaptation:
1. Quit my job                                            -she did before she enlisted Paul
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's                           -bagel and coffee in front of Tiffany's
3. Go to Bali                                                -Bali Garden Spa in Brooklyn
4. Trip around the world                          -scooter ride around the globe in NYC
5. Save a life                                               -adopted a puppy
6. New York Taxi ride with no traffic     -water taxi
7. Walk through all five burroughs     -a model of the 5 burroughs at an art museum
8. Be amazed                                  -"flying" supported over city set in the Radio City bldg
9. Learn to dance                                        -Paul takes her to a New Year's party
10. New Year's kiss at midnight               -Paul to the rescue :) 


here's my FUN LIST (I may tweak the means to the end, like Paul did):

1. Start a blog (check!)
2. Design a piece of clothing
3. Save a life
4. Be amazed
5. Learn to dance (preferably from Zac Efron)
6. Paint a picture
7. Go to "Bali"
8. Arrange a piece for Jazz Band
9. Sing a duet with someone famous (or at least cool)
10. Midnight kiss on New Year's Eve
11. Give Paul a chance (that's code)

I'm excited to dive in!
Are you on your way to fulfilling your dreams?

February 2 is Groundhog Day!
Our family watches the movie Groundhog Day every year. Check it out.

Do you have a day or a memory that you would like to repeat?
What would you want to learn if you could hit "pause" and learn to do anything?

*What would you do today 
              if you knew you would not fail?* 


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