Friday, February 24, 2012

A hodge-podge post of many things...

The time has come,” the walrus said, “To talk of many things: 
of shoes -- and ships-- and sealing wax-- 
of cabbages-- and kings--
                          -Lewis Carroll (from the Walrus and the Carpenter)

First, let's talk of shoes:

February marks the annual Fashion Weeks in Paris and New York,
so, to keep with the times, I got busy designing at my work table
and created these pillow covers. For fun in fashion. :)

Of ships:

My great-aunt Fanny was the first of the family to venture across the seas when
she boarded a ship like this one for a voyage from Finland to America.
The venture took eight days and, though it was a big step up from the
Mayflower conditions, it was no modern-day luxury cruise.

                   This wooden suitcase carried her belongings -the only things familiar to her.  

                                                    The suitcase now graces my living room!

Of sealing wax?
Isn't it terribly romantic to think of the correspondence
sent by messengers on horseback in long-ago times and faraway places!
A confession of love; an invitation to a ball; a letter of intrigue.

The latest application at our house was last spring when our son helped his 
bride-to-be seal their wedding invitations with a careful press of ruby wax. 

Of cabbages?
After I moved away from my childhood home, cabbage only made a rare appearance on my menu.
But I love these cabbage rolls and, with all this talk, I now want to make them!

Of kings?
Tune in on Tuesday, as we explore Sweden!

  How amazing what variety you can stumble into just in the course of a single day! With these thoughts I traveled from my studio to across the seas, to Jane Austen's day, and back home again into my kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed the wacky combination inspired by the walrus as much as I did. : >)

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