Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today is 

In Finland it's celebrated as a sledding day!
Old tradition dictates that you yell “Pitkia Pellavia!”(Long Flax!), as you fly down the hill in your sled. The further you coast, the better the crop will be that year.

I'm glad there are traditional treats for this holiday, as so many others. So I baked some sweet rolls and filled them with whipped cream and jam. Eating fatty food on this day stems from the old tradition of starting a fast and the count-down to Easter.
I like the idea of enjoying winter with the hope of spring around the corner. Don't you?

 I like that i get to eat pea soup...

                                         ... and I'm even adding  
                                            herring to the menu,
                                                                         to celebrate the Polish way!

             What's your tradition on Shrove Tuesday? 
                              Mardi Gras? Carnivale?

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