Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sea and Sky

I was reading a post from A Cup of Jo ( and learned about this fabulous hair product for summer: John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender. In the description it reads, "Now every day can be a day at the beach." If you're not with the sea, what better way to bring it to you!To spray in my hair the fullness I would get from splashing in seawater daily? Right up my alley! And the idea is compatible with the tomboy in me; wash and spray, hop on the bicycle, and let your summer spirit soar! Plus, the lavender acts as an anti-inflammatory and normalizes your scalp condition, so I think it'll help my pool-water-saturated skin to cope. 
You can get the spray through It's about $15 for a 9-oz bottle. And I like that J.M. is committed to partnering with local farmers. (How's that for a free ad, folks!)  :)

As part of my seasonal obsession with all things coastal, I made this sofa pillow for my shop. I had to have one for my porch, too. It cheers me up every time I come home to my non-coastal house. 

Dreaming of seaside living (and missing it so much), I'll share with you these views of the gorgeous west coast of Finland.

Can't you practically feel the warmth and the coolness mixing on the smooth boulder, or the hot grains of sand in your footprints? Do you hear the seagulls and the lapping of the water? 

I squint at the sun's sparkle off the blue and fill my lungs with the energy of the salty breeze. 
Ahhh... this is living.

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