Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun in the Sun in Kefalonia, Greece

While exploring the Greek island of Kefalonia, we booked a day with a group of thirty to take a ride in a glass-bottom boat.

The wildlife (fish and corals) in these parts didn't turn out particularly impressive, so the glass-bottom boat experience wasn't the highlight. But we ended up packing more fun in that one day than I'd had for as long as I could remember. 

Our sun-kissed Greek captain entertained us with his countless stories of the islands. He yelled at us to put the cameras away when the dolphins came. Pointing to the side of his head he said, "Live in the moment. Put the memories in here." He kept reminding us to lather on the sunscreen (and yet a few ignored his wisdom and went home with lobster-red faces).

                                                                                                        fish hatchery

We threw the anchor down in gorgeous spots to go swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear, cool water.
I was not going to have any part of the snorkeling mask (as the thought felt suffocating), but, getting swooped into the fun, I suddenly turned brave and did it!

Off the shore of an island strip, the captain and his first mate anchored the boat and we waded in (with water to our waste) to set up day camp. An open tent was raised for preparing food. We strung up a rope to connect to the anchor line and played water volleyball. Amazing what you're capable of when you ignore your lack of skill!

Captain's orders: anyone that fancied a meal was going to help prepare it. So we "washed" the tomatoes and cucumbers in a tub of seawater and cut them into chunks and the wheel of feta (the size of a tire rim) crumbled under a few good whacks. Meanwhile, the captain grilled the chicken. Plastic cupfuls of white wine were passed around and there was plenty of fresh cold water to drink.

Simple yet divine. Doesn't everything taste better in fresh air!       

The crew mixed up a batch of mud from the cliff and we all grew years younger!

On the boat ride back the lot of us seafaring friends lived it up with some karaoke, everyone joining in for the chorus parts! 

I'll not soon forget that carefree, salt-air, sunny day!

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