Monday, February 11, 2013

Santorini, Greece: Fira & Kamari

If you live in my hemisphere, you may be ready for more sun rays to brighten the chilly days and bring hope of a new spring.

So while we wait, let's dip into the reserves. 
My sister K and daughter M had a fabulous week in Greece. These great photos by M depict the island of Santorini. To me it equals a blue and white paradise. :)

Fira, the capital of  Santorini island, affords quiet corners and cafes to take in the calming views of the sea. 

Many churches and monasteries dot the town, as they do most of Santorini.

Boat in water...

... Boat out of water :-)


A little bit of country...

... and a little bit of... well, shopping

Water taxi ride

Hotel Argo in Kamari

 Many of the streets are constructed with such care.

This wall has a door that leads to the other side... why?

 Summer stroll

Cliff houses

There we are. A quick dream trip to satisfy the summer-yearning soul. 

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