Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time Travel: Saint Petersburg, Russia

I own just a handful of photos of my grandparents' travels -and they made countless trips. 
These are a few clips of their trip to Saint Petersburg (Leningrad, at the time).

They (and some relatives) took a bus tour from Helsinki -the ride was about six hours long.

Many of the buildings survived war times and still stand today. I'm fascinated by the rich architecture.

(Did you notice they wore suits and dresses for the trip?)

The Peterhof Fountains (The Grand Cascade)

St. Petersburg's nickname The Venice of the North has stuck for a reason.

                                                                                             photo by

Rivers and canals meander through the city.  A staggering 700+ squares fit in. For relaxing and taking in the outdoors you can choose from over 200 parks and gardens.
Tree-lined streets add to the charm of this grand city.

I remember as a child being impressed with the voices of the show choirs from Russia (The Soviet Union).
The dancers' colorful folk dress is still vivid in my mind.
Thinking back to those memories inspired me to paint this pillow.

As kids we got to play with the traditional wooden nestling dolls my grandparents brought back as souvenirs. They were lustrously hand-painted! I loved the tiny baby, barely the size of my pinkie tip, snug in the very center after you carefully opened six or seven layers. In the more intricate sets, even the tiny babe came open! The Matrjoška dolls and painted eggs gave me the idea for this pillow. 

Do you have old-time photos of someone's travels? Does it give you a kaleidoscope for linking the past with the present?


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