Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome 2013!

molten pewter fortunes for the New Year -a Finnish tradition 

A New Year Has Begun.

Stepping over the threshold into 2013, I thought I'd bring a couple of new features to my blog. I'm pretty excited about them. Click under LABELS to transport yourself to posts that catch your interest. 
Tales of Travel, Seasonal MeanderingsFrom my studio, and Local Treasures will take in new material as the year unfolds to add to posts I've already created in 2012.

Guest Posts and Global Living are new! I can't wait to share with you stories of creative souls and styles from different corners of the world! I think you'll be delighted!

Our New Year's celebration was international: We attended a Brazilian party with loads(!) of food and joyous dancing. The only "white chick" there, my dance moves were less than fluid and frankly quite amusing, but I was only met with enthusiasm and encouragement. Gotta love my Latin sisters!

For the last part of the evening we got together with our Finnish friends and watched a concert on TV until the Ball Drop started ("live" with a two-hour delay) from New York City's Time Square. Toasts and a kiss at midnight completed our traditional celebration.

How did you say goodbye to the old year and ring in the new?

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