Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Craft: Cork Scenes

Happy First Advent! 

This morning I put on Christmas music and settled down for a minute 
to make these Cork Scenes.

Here's how to craft them:

You'll need:  cork squares
                        pictures (from calendars, old Christmas cards, etc)
                        mod podge (watered down white glue works, too)
                        sponge brush
                        hot glue

a) Cut pictures to fit the cork square (you could do a collage, too!)

b) Smear mod podge all over the cork with a brush

  and all over the back of the picture, using strokes from the center to the edges

c) Place the picture on the cork and smooth air bubbles or blobs from glue with your fingers, again working from the center to the edges

d) Cut off any excess paper showing on the back

(If the cork square bows, set a book over it for a few minutes while it's still damp, protecting surfaces with blank paper.)

e) For hanging, measure to find the upper center

 and hot glue a wire on the back

To give as a gift, wrap  in cellophane and finish with a festive ribbon

Note: Remember copyright laws when using pictures from calendars, cards, etc. (Don't sell them.)

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