Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rome at a Glance -Part 2 (of 3): Fountains and villas and ruins (oh, my!)


While in Rome, K and B enjoyed a day trip to the town of  Tivoli, about 30 kilometers outside of Rome. They got to visit Emperor Hadrian's villa, Villa Adriana, which is so vast it's like a town of its own.

You can stop at this small cafe to rest your feet and refuel

then keep exploring

This is what remains of the Amphitheater.

While the statue in the back is a replica, these columns are original! 

Not to be confused with the Eiffel Tower :)

Ever feel like this?

Do you think people from those times so long ago could imagine we would be fascinated with the way they lived? Makes me wonder what my legacy will be...

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