Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Fashion (or "bouquets of sharpened pencils")

Summer felt sort of like a whirlwind to me, here and gone quickly, bringing and taking with it boundless joy and heart-wrenchers. I was just posting of summer and autumn meshing together, and now, here we are, smack in the throes of fall. 

Unless you're in an area that does year-round school (what are your thoughts?), this is the season delving in for a new year in a new grade, with new friends in the making.

I found this Finnish grade school lunch menu I had jotted down a few years ago. (It could serve as a list of ideas for meals at home, too!)


Tuesday: Macaroni-ground beef casserole, salad, ice cream
Wednesday: Hamburger patties, boiled potatoes & gravy, grated carrots
Thursday: Trout stew, "soft" bread, fresh vegetable
Friday: Chicken gravy, rice, black currant jam, cucumber

Monday: Shepherd's pie, salad

Tuesday: Stewed pork, boiled potatoes, cabbage-lingonberry relish
Wednesday: Baked fish, mashed potatoes, mixed peas, corn, and bell pepper
Thursday: Liver and onions, mashed potatoes
Friday: Sausage soup, cheese, "soft" bread

Monday: Fish sticks, white gravy, potatoes, shredded cabbage

Tuesday: Cabbage and ground beef casserole, lingonberry jam, tomato-onion salad
Wednesday: Hot dog gravy, potatoes, summer salad
Thursday: Pea soup, "soft" bread, carrots
Friday: Italian casserole, fresh grated root vegetables

Monday: Chicken meatball, potatoes, curry sauce, iceberg lettuce

Tuesday: Spaghetti with ground beef, shredded carrots
Wednesday: Herring patties, mashed potatoes, tomato
Thursday: Ground beef gravy, potatoes, parsley carrots
Friday: Cream of wheat, strawberry sauce, boule bread, cold cuts

I think "soft" bread means that fresh bread takes the place of the dry cracker bread commonly available in Finnish schools.

Ice cream must have been served to celebrate the first day (and maybe lessen the sting) since it appears to be the only dessert on the month's menu.

Bon Appetit!

To help myself embrace the season, I did some back-to-school shopping. I think a few new items on your desk or in your wardrobe can be a boost, whether you're going or sending children to school or not. Wouldn't you agree?

So I spent a day rummaging through every store in town and came home with bags of fabulous finds at deep discounts. :) Do you like my fall color scheme?
My sister-in-law gave me the tree necklace because she is awesome.
Mia took the great photos because she's awesome, too.


And there you have it -just like that I feel ready to take on cool weather and all that autumn brings! 

Happy Fall!

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