Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monaco Part 2


                                                                   -Part 2-

After we had practically rubbed elbows with royalty (past and present), we let our eager feet carry us along the cobbled streets, past the Cathedral (where royalty is buried) and on to ooh-and-aah over the quaint shops.

We had so much fun!

                                C'est moi! A Grace Kelly moment (minus the elegance)

What struck me on the streets, and in Monaco overall, was how clean everything was. 
Where was the mess made by the seagulls? Or the crumpled mustard-stained hot dog wrapper? Doggie doo? Were there invisible troops swiftly sweeping all around us?
This remains a mystery to me.

Prince Albert II, the reigning prince of Monaco, deserves a good mention for his helping hand in the world. On top of his princely duties, he is heading up well over a hundred international projects in Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Mediterranean to bring people clean water and develop renewable energy. 
(To learn more you can visit
The Prince is also generous with the poor in many lands.

We SO wanted to introduce His Serene Highness to our friend (so he could marry her), but alas!, he was already spoken for.

Dusk started to settle way too quickly and we had to head out. 
What a fabulous day we'd had!

I want to return one day and catch the rest of lovely Monaco: Boulevard des Moulins, Boulevard d'Italie, Avenue Princess Grace, and the numerous fashion boutiques and interior design shops.

I might even take a dip into the glamor of Monte-Carlo!

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